Pink Strawberry Blossom 14Pcs Tea Set (FR7)

Pink Strawberry Blossom 14Pcs Tea Set (FR7)

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Fine porcelain tea set featuring the strawberry flower design against white backdrop. Suitable for a group of 6.

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1 x Teapot with cover (Capacity: 1750 ml)
6 x Cup (Capacity: 240ml)
6 x Saucer (Width: 16.3cm)

Free gifts: 2 x Dessert Plate (Width: 20.3cm)

Product features:
1. Fade-resistant. While undergoing the 820°C firing process, the decal ink was bonded with the porcelain glaze surface.
2. Scratch-resistant.
3. Lightweight
4. Microwave-safe 10% gold lining
5. Food safe, MOH compliant
6. Made from fine porcelain (No bone element)


Weight 5.2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 29 × 33 cm