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Green 3 in 1 Cookware Set

Save cooking time by preparing a few dishes at the same time with this set of cookware.

Retail Price: RM 899.00

Sold: 8

V-fine Crystal 28cm Fry Pan (IH)

Induction-friendly flat-bottomed pan great for frying for 3-4 people.

Sold: 5

V-fine Crystal 28cm Pizza Pan

The perfect pan for making pizzas, crepes and pancakes with little oil.

Retail Price : RM 169.00

Sold: 7

V-fine Crystal 28cm Wok (IH)

Induction-friendly wok with long handle, great for deep frying or cooking with sauce.

Sold: 11

V-fine Crystal 3 in 1 Cookware Set (IH)

Induction-friendly set suitable for a medium sized family.

Sold: 0

V-fine Purple 28cm Wok (IH)

Induction-friendly wok equipped with a long handle for a controlled grip.

Retail Price : RM 299.00


Sold: 8

Woody 28cm Deep Fry Pan with Cover (IH)

Induction-friendly pan that is for frying or cooking with sauces.

Sold: 4