Vinna Ruby Dahlia Tea Set 20 Pcs (F44)

Vinna Ruby Dahlia Tea Set 20 Pcs (F44)


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Cannot use in Dishwasher and microwave.

Fine Porcelain

Product Features
1) Ultra White Fine Porcelain​ Enhanced whiteness is an outstanding feature.
2) Finest quality of raw material component goes into manufacturing, to enhance the subtle flow, thus making it whiter.​
3) Chips Resistant​ , more durable compare with other porcelain dining product.
4) Food safe & Hygienic ​
5) Food safe grade coloring for the pattern on the product.​
6)100% Clay

Direction for use
1) Do not use in Microwave
2) Do not use in dishwasher

Set Includes:
4 x Dinner Plate(26x26x2.5cm)
4 x Soup plate (21.5×21.5x4cm)
4 x Soucer (15x15x1.5cm)
4 x Cup (9x9x7cm)
4 X Dessert plate (21.5×21.5x2cm)

Weight 10.97 kg
Dimensions 41 × 35 × 32.9 cm