Plumeria Germany 16Pcs Dinner Set-F49

Plumeria Germany 16Pcs Dinner Set-F49

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Enjoy a meal while admiring the unique embossed design on every piece of fine porcelain.

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Original Box not provided.

6 x Dinner Plate  (Width: 26.3cm)
6 x Soup Plate  (Width: 23.3cm)
2 x Soup Bowl (Width: 14.5cm)
1 x Rice Bowl with cover (Width: 23.5cm)
1 x Serving Plate (Width: 36.3cm)

Product features:
1. Original Vantage Malaysia
2. Made in Malaysia Porcelain
3. Gold Border (Not for Microwave)
4. Best to wash with soft sponge for Long lasting quality
5. Smooth surface with translucent finish
6. High definition pattern design
7. Made from non-porous material which means no microorganisms will get stuck in it

Weight 22.07 kg
Dimensions 58 × 44 × 44 cm