Maroon 3 in 1 Non-stick Cookware Set

Maroon 3 in 1 Non-stick Cookware Set

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Availability: 34 in stock

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Maintenance Tips

Before First Use

  • Remove all packaging materials and stickers.
  • Wash the cookware with water and dish washing liquid. Rinse thoroughly dry with soft cloth or paper towel.

It is recommended to season the cookware to make it more durable. Place the cookware on low heat and coat the non-stick surface evenly with cooking oil. After 1-2 minutes, remove from heat. Allow the cookware to cool down and wipe off any excess oil. Repeat after every 10 washing cycle or if accidental overheating occurs.

Usage recommendations

  • Refer to the symbols displayed on the packaging to ensure the hob compatibility.
  • Do not heat an empty cookware.
  • Use only low to medium heat as high heat might damage the cookware.
  • Silicone or wood utensils are recommended. Kindly avoid using metal utensils.

Care and Cleaning

  • Do not store food in the cookware because some food can react with the non-stick coating over time. It is best to clean and dry the cookware after each use.
  • Cool the cookware before washing. Do not fill with, or plunge into cold water when hot.
  • To prevent scratches, do not use steel wire wool, scouring pad, or scouring powder to wash the cookware. Instead, clean the cookware with a soft sponge and gentle dish washing liquid.


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Features& benefit
1) 1 x  20cm sauce pot + 1 x 28cm Wok + 1 x 26cm Deep Fry Pan
2) coating : Whitford non-stick Coating – without PFOA
3) Easy to clean & Healthy cooking because food require less oil
4) Save energy
5) Pease use with wooden shovel! Steel shovel/utensil/scrubber will hurt the non-stick coating
6) Glass lids let you see into the pan while cooking
7) Pans and lids are safe in oven to 500F
8) Distributes heat evenly on gas and electric ranges
9) Maintains a steady simmer

How to take care your Non-Stick Pan & Pot
1) Don’t use metal on your non-stick pot
2) Avoid major temperature changes
3) Clean Your non-stick with scratch-proof scouring pads
4) Never use aerosol cooking spray
5) Store your Pans properly (keep them away from sharper objects and corners)
6) Clean & dry your non-stick after using them
7) Don’t store food in your Pans
8) avoid high heat when using your non-stick frying pan (less than 375F)
9) use softer detergents to clean your non-stick pans.

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